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Medicinal Mushroom Symposium: Discover the Healing Powers of Fungi

Product image 1Medicinal Mushroom Symposium: Discover the Healing Powers of Fungi
Product image 2Medicinal Mushroom Symposium: Discover the Healing Powers of Fungi
Product image 3Medicinal Mushroom Symposium: Discover the Healing Powers of Fungi
Product image 4Medicinal Mushroom Symposium: Discover the Healing Powers of Fungi
Product image 5Medicinal Mushroom Symposium: Discover the Healing Powers of Fungi
Product image 6Medicinal Mushroom Symposium: Discover the Healing Powers of Fungi
Product image 7Medicinal Mushroom Symposium: Discover the Healing Powers of Fungi
Product image 8Medicinal Mushroom Symposium: Discover the Healing Powers of Fungi
Product image 9Medicinal Mushroom Symposium: Discover the Healing Powers of Fungi
Product image 10Medicinal Mushroom Symposium: Discover the Healing Powers of Fungi
Product image 11Medicinal Mushroom Symposium: Discover the Healing Powers of Fungi
Product image 12Medicinal Mushroom Symposium: Discover the Healing Powers of Fungi

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Medicinal Mushroom Symposium 2021

Access the Recordings from this incredible Online Event

12 x 1 hr sessions, that are focused deep dives for you to learn directly from world-renown experts on the topic of Medicinal Mushrooms.

By accessing the recordings from this online event you will learn about the latest scientific research, recipes, practical wild-harvesting tips, culinary applications, growing methods and so much more.

This is an incredible opportunity to build deep wisdom across the spectrum of knowledge about medicinal mushrooms.

By attending you will get to be on each of the LIVE calls to learn and ask questions directly as well as access to all the recordings and PDF handouts afterward to review and replay anytime.

Below is a list of the confirmed speakers at this year's event which is an EPIC line-up of local and international experts.

Be wow'd and inspired by the presentations from:

Dr. Terry Willard author of Reishi: Herb of Medical Wonder & Spiritual Potency

Robert Rogers author of the Fungal Pharmacy and Medicinal Mushrooms: the Human Clinical Trials

David Wolfe author of the book Chaga: King of the Medicinal Mushrooms

Derek Fleming of New Earth Organics

Yarrow Willard of Harmonic Arts

Patrick Kooyman of Blue Lotus Ethnobotanicals

Eric Whitehead of Untamed Feast 

Tara Stephens of Fungi Akuafo

Jeff McKay of NeuroGrowth

Denis Manzer of Forage Your Food

Malcolm Saunders of Light Cellar


Topics include:

Medicinal Mushrooms: The Human Clinical Trials

Growing Your Own Medicinal Mushrooms

Micro-Dosing Magic Mushrooms

Wild Harvesting, Bushcraft and Ethics of Medicinal Mushrooms

Culinary Uses & Recipes

Making Medicine with Your Medicinal Mushrooms

And so much more...


Register now to activate your learning about Medicinal Mushrooms!

 Once you are registered you will receive links to every presentation listed below plus additional pdf's booklets and slides.


The Line-up:


Medicinal Mushrooms: The Human Clinical Trials with Robert Rogers author of the Fungal Pharmacy

In this presentation we will examine how mushrooms help maintain health and the vast number of studies confirming their benefit for various chronic diseases, including cancer. In the latter, not only do they improve quality of life for those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, but the evidence suggests longer survival rates.


Wild Medicinal Mushrooms with David Avocado Wolfe

Learn from one of the leading pioneers who has brought medicinal mushrooms to the forefront of functional nutrition. Sharing his decades long experience of wild foraging, medicine making and research you will learn:

How you can finding medicine wherever Trees grow

Techniques for harvesting Wild Medicinal Mushrooms

Tea-Making, Alcohol Extracts, Concentration Strategies 

Immune System Nutrition: Polysaccharides vs. Terpenes 

Mega Immunity and Host Defenses



Medicinal Mushroom: Communication with Humans plus Fruiting Body vs Mycelium Based Products with Terry Willard Cl.H., Ph.D.

Medicinal Mushrooms have been used around the world for Millennia. Come learn from one of North America’s leading authorities on how we can use them in our daily life. How do the fungi communicate with us two legged ones? Is it better to used Fruiting body or Mycelium-based products? We will take a long view of how we have interacted with fungi and travel to various parts of the globe to get a better picture of where and how they are grown, processed and delivered to the marketplace. In this visually dense presentation, you will get a better understanding of which medicinal Mushroom products are the best for you.

Herbal Perspectives on Medicinal Mushrooms: Integrating the Six Flavours, Herbal Energetics and the Doctrine of Signatures with Patrick Kooyman of Blue Lotus Ethnobotanicals

We all have a built-in tool box for understanding the medicinal effects of herbs, which is our senses. Traditional cultures around the world have used organoleptics (sensory data of taste, smell and feel), together with close observation of nature and the human body, to develop deep knowledge of the healing powers of mushrooms. In this class, you will learn:

  •         The six flavour model, and how the flavour of medicinal mushrooms relates directly to their medicinal actions in the body
  •         How herbal energetics (such as heating vs. cooling, or moistening vs. drying) can be used to describe medicinal mushrooms, and choose which are most appropriate for an individual and their condition
  •         How to read the signatures of nature to gain insight into mushroom medicine
  •         How we can integrate these ancient sensory-based methods with modern science for a more holistic understanding of medicinal mushrooms


Mycelial Consciousness with Yarrow Willard Cl.H.

In this myco-intensive, we will be exploring the nuance of mycelial-entanglement and the evolving understanding of how Mushrooms are allies to all life.

This adventure will take us down the rabbit hole into the depths of the "wood wide web", where we will delve into a variety of concepts that are likely to tickle more than a few neurotransmitters in your brain.  As we travel through the veils, over the gills and between the spores, these fungal allies have the capacity to rekindle our alignment with the myco-conscious evolution of ourselves and the planet as a whole. So buckle your red-belts, and get ready to Chaga Chaga choo choo on the mushroom train with the Herbal Jedi.


‘Medicinal Mushrooms you’ve never heard of’ with Derek Fleming M.H.

In this talk Master Herbalist Derek Fleming will dive deep into the world of mycomedicinals. During this class he will review several medicinal mushrooms YOU MAY -OR- MAY NOT have ever heard of! If you would like to expand your knowledge of our fungi friends and gain a deeper reference level for your own healing ‘myco-repertoire’ then this is the talk for you! This class will be structured as an information session and review - as Derek goes over some interesting facts, science, traditions and contemporary use of these lesser-known fungi. Just because these fungi are not as famous as others out there does not make them any less fascinating!  Derek’s passion in sharing the offerings from the Kingdoms of Nature will leave you as an attendee with a greater awareness, appreciation and aptitude for application of these little FUN-GUYS & GALS!

Integrative Approaches to Mental Health: Improving Mood & Focus with Microdosing with Jeff McKay and Andrea Fleck of NeuroGrowth

Learn from 2 experts in the field about the foundations of microdosing with psilocybin containing species to help you feel confident and inspired to use these types of medicinal mushrooms. This session will be a great opportunity to answer all the big questions you may have about the process.


Wild Mushrooms: More than Medicine with Eric Whitehead of Untamed Feast

How long would you last if you were lost or injured in a remote area? Or if society crumbled and all 'essential' services disappeared? Survival skills and bushcraft are all about seeing the multifunctional possibilities in all resources at hand. Join Eric Whitehead of Untamed Feast for a look at how 4 species of medicinal mushrooms growing on one tree can be used in ways you've never imagined.

An Introduction to Growing Medicinal Mushrooms at Home with Tara Stephens of Fungi Akuafo 

In this presentation, Tara from Fungi Akuafo will provide a general background on mushroom cultivation and the specific way to create the climatic conditions to fruit oyster mushrooms, Lion's Mane or Reishi from a grow kit at home.

Foraging for Wild Medicinal Mushrooms with Denis Manzer of Forage Your Food

A photographic journey into the majestic local wild Alberta forests where mushrooms, edible & medicinal, grow in profusion! Denis Manzer who has been foraging mushrooms here for many years will show you some of the key species that are good to know and easy to identify!  With of course a focus on sustainable harvesting techniques and ethics!

Going Gourmet: Making Medicinal Mushrooms Culinary with Malcolm Saunders of Light Cellar

Many of us enjoy medicinal mushrooms in our tea’s and elixirs. But what about our daily meals? In this session you will learn new recipes to begin incorporating medicinal mushrooms into your everyday meals for delicious and fantastic health benefits for you and your family. Recipes include both sweet and savory creations.

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