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A Chocolate Tasting Experience - January 22nd

Product image 1A Chocolate Tasting Experience - January 22nd
Product image 2A Chocolate Tasting Experience - January 22nd
Product image 3A Chocolate Tasting Experience - January 22nd

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Chocolate Enlightenment: A Chocolate Tasting Experience
with Malcolm Saunders
Saturday January 22nd, 6:30 - 8:00pm MST
Online event

“So interesting! Any chocolate lover needs to come to this workshop!” -D. Morgan

This event is like a wine tasting, but with chocolate…

And is part of the Light Cellar Chocolate Life book launch.

You are invited to be part of a fun and delicious night, where you will learn way more about chocolate than you knew was possible.

After attending this session you will be well on your way to enlightenment… Chocolate enlightenment that is!

You’ll be feeling the bliss and become a chocolate expert, sort of like a sommelier is to wine, where you can impress your friends with discussing flavour notes and facts about chocolate.

In this fun and delicious class you will unite with other chocolate lovers and journey into an exploration of the chocolate industry to walk away with an enriched perspective of cacao and the spectrum of what it takes to go from bean to bar including the 6 factors that influence the quality and flavour of chocolate.

Plus you’ll receive simple guides you can use to develop your palate and appreciation of fine chocolate so you can enjoy chocolate more deeply. (Yes, it’s possible and true, there are deeper levels of chocolate enjoyment that await your discovery!)

During this experiential session, you will be getting all your senses involved and be tasting the brand new Light Cellar chocolate line that features 3 different origins of cacao that present their own unique flavour profile.

And no tasting would be complete without an understanding of chocolate and how it is made because these are all big factors influencing the flavour and quality.

You will learn:

  • Where chocolate comes from, revealing the mystery of how chocolate is made all the way from seed to bar
  • The difference between fine flavour cacao and bulk commodity cacao - and why this matters
  • How the genetics, growing, fermenting and processing of cacao all factor into quality and ultimately your experience of chocolate
  • How to taste chocolate like you would wine, developing your palate to pick up on the finer nuances of flavour
  • To discern the quality of chocolate and to choose chocolate that is good for you, communities and the Planet.


“Thank you for an intriguing, tasty and informative evening” - Patricia M.


This a great class for anyone – all you need is a love for chocolate!

Once you are registered we will send you details to join the call a few days before the event.


What Others Are Saying After Attending:

“It really was beyond my expectations of what I was going to learn and experience for sure !! What a night ! I had the opportunity to learn about very fine chocolate - ethically sourced, heirloom, craft, high antioxidant chocolate and I got to taste each and every one --at the light cellar - thanks Malcolm !!” - R. Shapka, Calgary

“I love the classes at Light Cellar, wanted to learn more about chocolate and heard that this particular class was really amazing. The amazing and generous tasting, the passion in the presentation”

“For the love of chocolate! Plus, I was fascinated by where chocolate originates from, and different flavour profiles. The tastings, knowledge of the presenter, and the atmosphere of the class.” - Cariad Geary, Calgary


Register now for a delicious deep dive into the world of chocolate!

*if registering for just the event - you will need to purchase the new line of origin chocolate bars to be able to follow along at home.  Details will be sent closer to the date after you are registered.


We recommend that this event is best purchased as a package alongside the launch of the new book Chocolate Life, included is:

1 signed copy of Chocolate Life ($30)
1 ebook of Chocolate Life ($20)
1 Chocolate Tasting Kit - which includes 3 of our brand new Origin Flavour series bars plus a Flavour Wheel Tasting Guide and Notes ($25)
1 Chocolate Tasting Session - online class on how to develop your chocolate palate and be a chocolate sommelier ($35)
$110 regular
$55 Pre-Order Book Launch Special
Save $55

Click here if you would like to take advantage of the savings and to purchase and register for the full experience.

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