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Be Your Own Brewer: Learn How to Make Probiotic Healing Herbal Honey Wine - January

Product image 1Be Your Own Brewer: Learn How to Make Probiotic Healing Herbal Honey Wine - January
Product image 2Be Your Own Brewer: Learn How to Make Probiotic Healing Herbal Honey Wine - January

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Be Your Own Brewer: Learn How to Make Healing Herbal Honey Wine 
Friday, January 21st
7:00 - 9:00pm MST
with Malcolm Saunders

We know homemade food tastes better and that ‘from scratch’ offers qualities that store-bought will never achieve. The idea of ‘homemade’ gives us the feeling of healthy, wholesome, and nourishing.

But what about alcohol? Can it really be made well and at home?

You can easily and successfully Be Your Own Brewer of the beverages you enjoy and have a true hand in the libations that you love.

Together we will explore the history of the fermentation of alcohol and see just how ancient and pervasive it is throughout every culture around the world.

Discover how alcohol once was, and still can be, used as a delivery system for superfoods, healing spices and tonic herbs, especially when you craft these drinks at home.

In this class you will gain new insight into mead (aka honey wine) which when consumed in moderation, can be a fun, affordable and healthful addition to your lifestyle.

Creating your own mead, as you will learn how, is the easy and preferred upgrade to buying anything commercially.

Not only will you understand the steps to naturally ferment this beverage but you’ll receive the knowledge and techniques to infuse your creation with different superfoods, superherbs and spices for added effect!

In this online class, you will learn how to custom create your own superfood-superherb blend of probiotic mead!

Recipes & Techniques include:

  • Mead (of course!) but also variations called a melo-mel, metheglin, cyser
  • Variations that are invigorating and highly inebriating like ‘Whole Hive’ and Labrador tea
  • The methods for fermenting with store bought yeast or wild yeast

This includes workshop includes an ingredients and materials list of all will need including raw honey, the superfoods, super herbs and spices to add-in, as well as all the materials you need to get started which are a glass carboy to ferment in, an air-lock (we’ll explain about that in the class) as well as how to access the yeast you need to activate & ferment your brew.

After you are registered you will be sent a link to the recording as well as a pdf recipe hand-outs from the class.


“I most enjoyed making our own brew to take home and tasting some that was already made. I appreciate the handouts and how organized the class was. I also enjoyed the chaos of the room once we were let loose to go and explore the herbs. Love the stories of the history, that books were read from and mentioned as resources. Thank you! As always I love to attend Light Cellar classes and enjoy sharing LC as a great resource for my own clients.”

– Melanie H.


“I really recommend the class! I’ve been making my own mead ever since attending it. Getting hands on experience makes mead-making feel easy. It’s really a class that keeps on giving (it’s much cheaper to attend BYOB parties and potlucks now, haha)”

– Latifa P.A. – Calgary


“It was great to learn about. There was so much knowledge to tap into from Malcolm, I’m sure he could talk all weekend about it.”

– Billie H.


Register now to Be Your Own Brewer (BYOB) and activate the art, craft & alchemy of Mead making!


Once you are registred you will receive a link to join live on zoom as well as ingredient and material list to follow along at home.

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