Edible Plant Walk in Edworthy Park

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Edible Plant Walk in Edworthy Park

Enjoy a guided edible plant walk with botanist Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed. The best way to learn about plants is through observing and interacting with living examples. Connecting to your local ecosystem provides an excellent opportunity to build community, and experience gratitude through observing the abundance around us.

During a plant walk you will learn:
  • how to identify plants using the principles of botany
  • how to distinguish between edible and poisonous look-alikes
  • experience-based recipes and preparation techniques for edible plants
  • how to connect with plants in a conscious and sacred way
Instructor: Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed, MSc Herbal Medicine, BSc Botany

Date: Sunday June 16th 2019

Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Location: Edworthy Park - Exact details will be emailed to you before the class

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