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Wild Food Foraging

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Wild Food Foraging

Are you curious which wild plants you could eat for food and use as medicine? And which ones you absolutely need to avoid?

Imagine having the knowledge that heals and nourishes you, while avoiding that which could be harmful or poisonous.

You have to know your plants. There was a case recently with a couple harvesting Juniper Berries...

They had heard about Juniper and picked some locally so they could make Juniper Berry Syrup. But they used the WRONG type of Juniper Berry which is known to cause Severe Kidney Damage!

This is the kind of information that could be easily overlooked!

Which is why it is so important to learn from a Certified Medical Herbalist that has made it her life's work to dig deep into the world of plants.

Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed has over 10 years of wild foraging plant experience and is a Certified Medical Herbalist.

She has real world, practical information that you want to be learning if you want to avoid the risks of wild foraging.

In Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed's Wild Food Foraging Class You Will Learn:

  • To Identify safe edible plants, while avoiding the wrong or poisonous plants in the wild.

  • How to know which wild foods are right for you.

  • Effortlessly identify plants in the wild.

  • Escape from the worry and stress of not knowing what to plants to eat and not to eat in an emergency situation.

  • The different wild food flavour profiles

  • Discover the basics of wild food nutrition.

  • Embodied exercises - To be present with the plants, to be able to truly taste, feel and trust your intuition.

  • How to identify common wild edible plants and how to harvest them in a sustainable way.

  • What the proper steps are in an emergency situation to guide you when harvesting even if you can’t identify the plant so you can trust if it is safe for you to eat or not.

You will also learn how to interact with nature in a way that honours reciprocity and gratitude; As well as the opportunity to taste and harvest abundantly available wild plant species.

This particular event will be in the Crown lands of Kananaskis so you will be able to wild forage for plants in a sustainable manner to take home and enjoy.

During this experience, you will receive so much one on one time to get all of your questions answered by wild-food expert Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed and she will be able to go into great depth to get all yoru questions answered.

If someone were to privately commission Latifa for this kind of work they would pay $500.

But you are not going to pay this price because we have arranged this intimate workshop just for the Light Cellar community and we want you to have the opportunity to access this vital knowledge.

Plus when you register, you will also receive a unique & scientifically researched hand out that will serve as a reference for proper processing techniques, recipes, and additional resources that will not be found in any other wild foraging book out there.

This handout alone is worth $50.00 but you get for FREE when you sign up for the class today.

Also, this is a longer class than others with only a smaller number of attendees allowed to participate to make sure you get the most attention possible.

Instructor: Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed, MSc Herbal Medicine, BSc Botany

Date: Sunday July 07th 2019

Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Location: Crown lands of Kananaskis (You will get exact location one you register)

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