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3rd Annual Fermentation Festival: 20 Fermentation Lessons

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Develop the knowledge & skills to be able to confidently ferment a variety of your own food & beverages to keep you and your family healthy all year round.

Learn from every session, topic and presenter by accessing the recordings from the 3rd Annual Calgary Fermentation Festival.

This is your opportunity for a deep dive into the world of fermentation. Whether you are new or a true cultured expert, this festival offers learning and experiences for all.

During this special edition, you will have access to 20 sessions on the topics of fermentation, how-to recipe creation, probiotic nutrition, microbiome research and more!  

Sessions include:

+ Learn a Variety of Specific Fermentation Recipes

+ Develop Essential Fermentation Skills & Techniques

+ Discover The Latest Research the Microbiome and Gut Health including learning about the Virome

+ Troubleshooting - Get Your Questions Answered from Leading Chefs and Experts                                               

These sessions are short and info packed, offering exactly what you need to master a spectrum of Fermentation skills and concepts.
When you resgiter you will receive links to every video presentation where you can listen, watch and learn. You will receive lifetime access not only to the recordings but also all the accompanying recipe booklets, slides and pdf’s.

The list of presenters and topics include:

The Fermentation Demystified: A Revival with Sandor Katz

Tsukemono: Japanese Pickling Techniques with Dr. Terry Willard of Wild Rose College of Natural Healing

Understanding The Virome with Dr. Melina Roberts ND

Ferments from the Middle East: Cinnamon Preserved Lemons & Mom’s Pickled Eggplants with Roni Zaide of Roni's Kitchen

Crafting Artisan Plant-based Cheese with Julie Kapuscinski  - Glowfood Banff

Role of Fermentation in Tradtional Diets with Takota Coen, Permaculturalist

 Histamines: The Hidden Troublemaker in Ferments, and What to do About It with

Tracey Reed C.H.N.C & Luka Symons C.H.N.C 


Switchels and Shrubs: Crafting Healthful Vinegar Drinks with Jodie Campbell


Gut and Psychology Syndrome with Megan Barefoot of No Shoes Nutrition


Probiotic Bread 'Beer’: the Original Fermented Kvass with Derek Fleming of New Earth Organics

Medicinal Mead Making with Denis Manzer of Ferment Your Food  

Prosciutto & Beyond: How to Simply Cure Meat using Salt with Malcolm Saunders of Light Cellar

The How and Why of Natto, for delicious results with Ely Ross of Kiyoko Fermentation

Sourdough: From the Start with Cheri Litchfield of Litchfield Kitchen



"Thank you for putting on the best information festival ever!  I enjoyed every minute of it and have learned so much. I hope to improve my health as a result.  I look forward to next year's Festival already.”

Elzabeth Stokie

Calgary Fermentation Festival is your opportunity to learn from a probiotic-packed offering of local and world-renown experts sharing about why fermentation is so important to your health, and how to safely ferment your own food & beverages.


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