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Tonics & Adaptogens: A Deep Dive Into The Worlds Most Superior Herbs with David Wolfe - March 7th

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Tonics & Adaptogens:
A Deep Dive Into The World's Most Superior Herbs - Properties, Benefits & Preparation
With David Wolfe, Denis Manzer & Malcolm Saunders
Saturday, March 7th
11:00 - 4:00pm 


Attend both David Wolfe events Friday March 6th and Saturday March 7th and get 10% off each!  Discount will be applied automatically at checkout.
The most treasured herbs of the ancient cultures are being discovered to have adaptogenic qualities that are proving to be extremely useful for modern life.

Tonic & Adaptogenic Herbs are those that provide:

Protection from Stress (Mental, Physical & Emotional)

Aid in Recovery from stressful circumstances

Promote the optimal function of all the body systems

Help restore balance to your immune system, digestive system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, and endocrine system.

In this event, you will learn not only about the benefits and properties of these herbs, but also how to prepare and use them.

We will be narrowing in and diving deep into 4 specific herbal traditions to focus on the very best herbs each of these systems has to offer and how you can integrate them into your life.

In this session we will cover:

Chinese Tonic Herbalism

Amazonian Plant Medicine

Wild Plants from our own local eco-system and the Native American & European perspective on them.


Each section we will cover recipes where you will learn specific blends that bring the best herbs together in a synergistic way.

You will learn how to create Teas, Tonic syrups, Elixirs, & Tinctures as ideal delivery systems for consuming these herbs.

You will be guided into the preparation of these herbs and the knowledge of how to incorporate them into your life!

This will be a very fun, informative and inspiring event!

Don't miss the chance to learn and be in on the conversation with 3 experts who have a wealth of knowledge to share.

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