Adrenal Fatigue Recovery - October 04

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Adrenal Fatigue Recovery

With Madeline MacKinnon

Thursday October 4th, 2018

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Adrenal Fatigue… Do you have it?

Are you feeling exhausted, wired but tired, anxious, or have sugar cravings and brain fog? Do you have unwanted belly fat or 10 extra pounds you just can’t shake no matter what you do?

Something’s up with your adrenals and there are natural ways to get back to feeling like yourself.

Join Madeline MacKinnon, certified nutrition consultant and the founder of Natural Hormone Healing, and get on the fast track to adrenal fatigue recovery. Uncover which of 3 stages of adrenal fatigue you are in and how to heal yourself with nutrition, self care rituals, elixirs and customized herbal protocols.

By the end of class you’ll have learned:

*The cause of your adrenal fatigue & discover some simple steps you can take right now to start your healing.

*How to determine what stage of adrenal fatigue you are at and what to do about it.

*How to identify the early warning signs of adrenal fatigue so you can prevent these debilitating symptoms from happening to you.

*Which specific herbs complement and address each stage of adrenal fatigue and which ones are not helpful, even harmful (despite still being recommended by many other health professionals)

*Key lifestyle practices you can easily integrate to help reset your circadian rhythm and reduce cortisol so you're not so stressed

*Specific nutrients you need to include for sustained healing so your adrenal fatigue goes away for good

And much more!

Plus there is a bonus:

You’ll be provided with a hard copy of Madeline’s adrenal assessment survey, a nutrition guide for healing adrenal fatigue and delcious recipes to compliment the class.

What Others Are Saying!

“Your Adrenal Fatigue workshop had a huge impact on me. I’ve recently hit stage 3 of a complete burn out and had to take a couple of weeks off from work. I’m really happy to have some tangible things that I can start implementing right away.”

- Lina
“I enjoyed the class you taught on the topic of adrenal fatigue. I finally felt like someone got me, and there is a reason why I’m feeling the way I’m feeling. I’ve been trying for years to lose weight without any luck. Since following your recommendations, I’ve lost about 6 pounds and have less bloating from the nutrition alone.”

- Laurette Woodward

Register now to learn everything you need to recover from adrenal fatigue, regain your energy and thrive!

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