Chocolate Food Of The Gods: Authentic Mexican Cacao Recipes - February 24

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"Do you want to know the way the Mayans and Aztecs actually enjoyed their chocolate?

The truth might surprise you! In ancient times chocolate was consumed in recipes that will blow your mind!

In this workshop you will be discovering:

+The immensely healing nutritive & medicinal actions of Cacao
+Time-tested recipes from the Cultures that have enjoyed Cacao for millennia
+Freedom from the guilt of eating chocolate as a sweetened treat!

You are going to learn first-hand the recipes for:

-Molé Sauce (A Cacao sauce to enhance any meal)
-Cacao Nib Guacamolé (Traditional Oaxacan Recipe)
-Atolé de Cacao (Savoury Cacao Porridge)
& Of Course
-Traditional Mayan & Aztec Hot Chocolate Recipes

Come and learn how you can enjoy chocolate as a truly healthful food!

Together we are going to answer the riddle of how the Mayans built those pyramids: - It was totally thanks to a diet rich in Cacao! "

Chocolate Food Of The Gods: Authentic Mexican Cacao Recipes

With Denis Manzer

Sunday, February 24th, 2019

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

This workshop is at our main location 6326 Bowness Road NW

*Only 30 Spots Available

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*Only 30 Spots Available
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