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Consciously Raising Children from Conception to Infancy - June 5th

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Consciously Raising Children from Conception to Infancy How to Create Robust, Healthy, Happy Kids by Nurturing the Early Formative Period
with Sascha Kalivoda, B.Sc., CHNC
Sunday, June 5th
11:00am - 2:00pm MST

Imagine if the next generation were to consist largely of healthy, compassionate, peaceful, and heart-centered individuals.  How a baby is conceived, carried in the womb, and brought into this world dramatically and unequivocally affects the outcome of who that eventual teenager and adult will become.  
We live in a time and society where accepted and standard practices during pregnancy and childbirth, in the home, and in the schools are having catastrophic consequences on our children, and as a result, our society as a whole.  Why are so many people today depressed, angry, drug-dependent, and such faithful consumers?  Why are our children so physically and emotionally sick?  
In this class, you will learn old wisdom and groundbreaking information that will help you in supporting your child to ultimately achieve and activate their fullest potential.  
Topics to be covered include: 
  • What is “conscious” conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting
  • What the limbic system is and how it is formed, and how it affects our whole lives
  • Pregnancy nutrition
  • Childbirth options and considerations
  • The power and vital importance of bonding and how to achieve it

The goal of this class is to stimulate the participants to rethink what they know about becoming a parent and to encourage a more conscious position in that role.

Attention new parents and parents-to-be…this class is for YOU!


Register now to join us live online or in person.  
This session will be recorded and all participants will receive the recording and notes to keep forever after.
About the presenter:

Sascha Kalivoda loves real food and the people who produce it. With a background in Chemistry and Nutrition, she is a speaker, educator and holistic nutrition expert on a never-ending quest to understand what true nutrition and wellness look like. One of her major missions is to bring Wisdom back into the kitchen and to help humanity reconnect with the cycles and signals of nature to regain the life-giving information of our ancestors. Becoming a mother in 2009 changed her forever and further ingrained in her the desire to inspire others to reassess their priorities and put their family’s health at the top of their lists to preserve the health of future generations.  She strongly believes that by healing our parenting practices, we can heal the earth and return our world to a place of peace and harmony.  Sascha’s can be found on facebook at Her podcast, The Sovereign Collective, can be found online on various platforms and at, and her online program on conscious pregnancy and parenting can be found at
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