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Detox is more than Diet: an Ayurveda-inspired Approach to Seasonal Cleansing

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Detox is more than Diet: an Ayurveda-inspired Approach to Seasonal Cleansing
With Stephanie Hrehirchuk
Saturday September 21st, 2019
1:00 - 3:00pm

Do you ever wonder why you feel better in one season than another?

You start feeling great and then the season changes and suddenly you don’t feel as well. You wonder if it is what you’ve eaten or if you’ve changed your sleep routine?

Ayurveda, the 5,ooo-year-old science of life and sister science of yoga, answers this question for you.

In this workshop, you will discover your dominant dosha (personal constitution), and know which season(s) will challenge you and which one(s) will help you flourish.

Learn about foods and lifestyle choices beneficial for your unique constitution.

Then learn how detox can become your seasonal self-care ritual: helping you restore balance year-round.




About the Instructor:

Stephanie Hrehirchuk is a multi-genre author with a passion for spiritual pursuits and nature. She blends her 15-year background in fitness and nutrition with 10 years of studies in complementary alternative modalities. She facilitates women's retreats and coaches clients through the empowering process of writing and publishing their books.

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