Edible Plant Walk with Julie Walker - June 18th

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Edible Plant Walk with Julie Walker - June 18th

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Edible Plant Walk
with Julie Walker of Full Circle Adventures
Tuesday, June 18th, 2024
6:30 - 8:30 pm
North Weaselhead Nature Park in Calgary

What does Ethical Foraging look like?
How can ecology inform us?
Can plant spirit communication play a part in that?

Learn these skills and native plant ID with Julie Walker of Full Circle Adventures.

By attending this class you will be building on your connection to nature by taking a deep dive into the plant kingdom. Using all your senses opens you up to experiencing the fullness that nature has to offer. Take in the spicy aroma of a leaf, breathe deeply of the vibrancy of nature, feel your nerves calm. Fill yourself with the nurturing dynamics of life in a healthy ecosystem!

The wild places provide us with many teachings. This workshops offer a deep connection to the plant kingdom, integrating us back into the Web of Life. Re-claim these sustainable skills, let nature be your teacher once again. Learn to identify and safely harvest wild edible foods!

Class size is limited to maintain intimacy of learning.

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Meet your instructor:

"I see the edible plants of the forest floor as a universal way, for people to realize the value, of nature's intact native landscapes. I have a strong conservation ethic, so I love the idea of re-wilding our gardens. My own garden is a great example of that, and I could feed four people throughout the year, quite easily with native plants!” – Julie Walker

Julie Walker is the owner and program director for Full Circle Adventures. She has a Bachelor degree in Physical Education (BPE), with a major in Outdoor Pursuits, from the University of Calgary.

Since 1987, Julie has built a successful career and business as a professional hiking guide, working extensively in Kananaskis Country, the Whaleback (Bob Creek Heritage rangeland) and Banff National Park.

Her focus is to build an understanding of wild food harvesting, through the plant and animal communities who depend on each other. This knowledge helps develop 'best practices', to protect the fragility of our natural food eco-systems.

Julie's vision is to engage and educate landowners, gardeners, foragers and the  outdoor recreation community, about the value of preserving intact wildlands.

To inspire home owners to grow native, edible plants in their own backyards is a successful outcome.

In the Winter, Julie teaches entry level cross country skiing.

Member of:

  • Interpretive Guides Association (IGA) 15 years
  • Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors (CANSI) 30 years
  • Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) 7 years
  • Millarville Horticultural Society 2 years


  • Wilderness First Aid
  • IGA Professional Guide
  • CANSI Instructor - Level 1
  • U of C Degree BPE - major in ODPU