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Getting The Glow: Superfood Recipes, Beauty Elixirs & Skincare

Product image 1Getting The Glow: Superfood Recipes, Beauty Elixirs & Skincare
Product image 2Getting The Glow: Superfood Recipes, Beauty Elixirs & Skincare
Product image 3Getting The Glow: Superfood Recipes, Beauty Elixirs & Skincare

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Getting The Glow: Superfood Recipes, Beauty Elixirs & Skincare
with Madeline MacKinnon of Natural Hormone Healing 
Saturday November 30th 1:00 - 3:00pm

Confused about what to do to solve your skin issues? Maybe you’re dealing with acne and wrinkles at the same time (how frustrating is that?!).

You believe your body is built from what you eat, and you’re wondering why is it that you eat well and still struggle with cystic acne, dry patches, inflammation and blackheads.

Join Madeline MacKinnon, certified Nutritionist and Founder of Natural Hormone Healing, and learn how to get the glow from the inside out at any age. Madeline will discuss essential nutritional building blocks to prevent wrinkles, clear up acne, and increase much-needed moisture in your skin for the winter.

You will learn how to:

*Identify hormonal symptoms showing up in your skin and what you can do about it

*Build collagen for wrinkle reduction, shiny hair and strong nails

*Understand the benefits of traditional Chinese tonic beauty herbs

*Make a beauty tonic or smoothie to clear up acne and blemishes

*Create natural skin care using essential oils and simple ingredients found in your kitchen

Madeline will demo and sample:

Schizandra Rose Beauty Elixir

Daily Collagen-Building Beauty Smoothie

Morning Turmeric Lemonade

Liver Support Beauty Tonic

and Superfood Bliss Balls.

You will go home with a recipe book to recreate the recipes at home and experience the benefits.


“Just wanted to say thank you for sharing all your valuable knowledge with us today in the Getting the Glow workshop. It was awesome and I look forward to incorporating all your recipes into my health care regime for better skin health!”  -Alex

“Everything you taught on the weekend was so interesting and resonated with me, I want to be at my optimal health and I feel that I'm missing something when it comes to my skin. I went home on Saturday with my new facial cleansing oil and threw out all of my household cleaners. My skin already feels calmer!” -Lauren Stone

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