Gynostemma tincture

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Gynostemma tincture

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Gynostemma tincture


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Gynostemma 🌿

🌿Also known as Jiaogulan (gee-ow-goo-lan) is a vine plant that is native to many regions in Asia as well as New Guinea. Some people also refer to it as Southern Ginseng or The Miracle plant, Fairy Herb etc. The first recorded use of this plant dates back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) where it was wild harvested initially as food. The first recorded medicinal history of Gynostemma starts around 1578 AD. As time went on, Gynostemma was used as an alternative to green tea in the provinces of Guizhou, Guangxi, and Sichuan in the mountains of south central China.

🌿Gynostemma has a very pleasant and mild taste. It is similar to green tea with a subtly sweeter taste.


Gynostemma benefits:

🌿Adaptogenic (helps you adapt to stress)


🌿May be heart health supporting

🌿May be liver health supporting 

🌿May be immunity stimulating

🌿May lower anxiety

🌿Energizing without caffeine

🌿may be respiratory health supporting


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