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Almond Butter Jam & Peanut Butter Superfood Sandwich Cookie Making Kit

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Calling all almond butter and jam lovers!

Do you love almond butter? Do you love jam? Do you love cookies? Why not have the two together? 

Our sandwich cookies are the perfect almond butter, jam and cookie lover mix. 

Now you can purchase and make your very own Light Cellar sandwich cookies at home! Enjoy these gluten free, vegan and superfood infused delights today! 


The kit you are purchasing contains the following:

1 lb Cashew pieces

1 lb Gluten-free Rolled Oats

8oz Cacao Butter

8oz Mesquite

8oz Lucuma

8oz Light Cellar Stoneground 74% Chocolate

28g Chaga mushroom extract

56g freeze-dried Strawberries for the jam

 *What is not included is your choice of sweetener, which we assume you have on hand and will prefer to choose, as well as the almond butter.


Let us guide you through our cookie making process with our new e-course! In this series, we'll reveal 4 different recipes for you to learn, including the coveted sandwich cookies that you love!

Are you ready to dive in and discover new skills to make delicious and nourishing treats? Let's get started!

Click the link below to register for the course today!


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