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Ingredients:  100% CANADIAN PINE POLLEN, Wild harvested Pinus Ponderosa Pine Pollen,  unique alcohol-glycerol double extract 1:6  (100 ml - 3.38 Fl.oz.)

50 servings per container

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At Canadian pine pollen Co. we make our Pine Pollen tincture from 100% fresh raw pollen that is wild harvested in British Columbia. We use pure pollen, not the buds. We do not import our pine pollen from China, so you can be sure your pollen is locally wildcrafted in our pristine Canadian high altitude mountains, and that it is always fresh, and has never been heat treated or microwave sterilized. We use a proprietary dual extract method to concentrate the androgens as well as the flavonoid and other water soluble antioxidants. We do no use heat. So you can be sure what you get in the bottle is an extract from the wild, raw, and living pine pollen, in its purest form and as nature had intended it; potent.


Pine Pollen Tincture is a liquid extract that preserves the potency of pine pollen in an alcoholic solution. The pine pollen tincture suspends the active molecules, helping them absorb better to the body.

Making tinctures from most super foods is not practical. Pine pollen is high in vitamins, mineral, antioxidants, and flavonoids and high alcohol concentration can damage them. But its plant sterols, bio-identical androgens, DHEA, and Testosterone are best extracted in high alcohol extract.

Our Unique cold extraction technique captures the full spectrum of the pollen health benefits in the most potent solution possible without disrupting the potency of pine pollen.

Pine pollen tincture can be made from the dried male buds or the pure pine pollenpowder, or any combination of both. Our pine pollen tincture is a unique 1:6 dual extract of pure pine pollen. It is a mixture 1:2 of water:glycerine first pass extract plus and 1:4 second pass alcoholic extract.


Why Does Testosterone Levels Matter?

Healthy levels of testosterone are important to promote general health, reduce disease risk, cholesterol levels, body composition, sexual function equally in men and woman

However, with age (after the late 30s) the levels of testosterone drop. The problem being that there is a strong a link between low testosterone and increased disease risk, obesity and premature death. The research is pretty conclusive: both genders should ensure they have healthy levels of testosterone, especially as they age.

Pine Pollen Tincture is your best choice If you're looking to take advantage of Pine Pollen's natural testosterone and DHEA. There’s not that many plants in the world that have androgenic hormones. Pine Pollen is a unique source. In fact it has a host of bio-identical androgens-testosterone, androstenedione, dehydroepiandrosterone(DHEA), androsterone, and epitestosterone. Not precursors like wild yam, but the actual androgenic hormones identical in structure to the natural hormones found in both male and female body.


The pine pollen tincture is considered superior to the powder. The alcohol content in the tincture makes the delivery and absorption of the plant hormones and the androgenic molecules possible. But food and eating can slow down the process. Some prefer holding the pine pollen tincture under their tongue. The abundance of large veins under the tongue makes for quick absorption into the body. But the alcohol can be harsh for others. The alternative is the mixing the pine pollen tincture with water and drinking it on empty stomach, at the least half an hour away from meals.

About Canadian Pine Pollen Company

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