Smidge Wheatgerm Oil Softgels
Smidge Wheatgerm Oil Softgels
Smidge Wheatgerm Oil Softgels
Smidge Wheatgerm Oil Softgels

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Smidge Wheatgerm Oil Softgels

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Smidge Wheatgerm Oil Softgels

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Smidge® Wheat Germ Oil softgels (100 capsules)

Smidge® Wheat Germ Oil capsules give you a pure and natural, real food source of vitamin E. Ounce for ounce, no other food provides more.*

We extract our premium oil from the germ (the embryo of the seed). And we source it from fresh, high-quality, non-GMO North American wheat. Our gentle, low-heat method preserves maximum nutrients — so you receive even more vitamin E goodness. And, it’s made in small batches.

Because our Wheat Germ Oil is a whole food vitamin, it contains its inherent cofactors, including a full spectrum of tocopherols. So it maintains its original alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta-tocopherols.

This all means Smidge® Wheat Germ Oil is extremely bioavailable, easily absorbed and provides more nutrients than an isolated vitamin E tocopherol supplement — as most are synthetic, highly processed or derived from soy.*

Like all Smidge® products, our Wheat Germ Oil capsules are free of common allergens, so they’re kind to sensitive systems.

Just a single, potent serving Smidge® Wheat Germ Oil (3 softgels) provides your body with 1.5 mg of vitamin E — 10% of your daily value. Plus, you get additional beneficial nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and phytosterols. It also has naturally occurring octacosanol, a nutrient that may help balance healthy blood pressure and boost exercise performance.*

Who takes Smidge® Wheat Germ oil?

Wheat germ is the embryo of the wheat plant, and it contains the highest amount of nutrients in the wheat kernel. This embryo eventually nourishes the new wheat plant, which is why it has so many vitamins and minerals.

That’s why folks looking for a pure, real food source of vitamin E love our Wheat Germ Oil capsules.

Wheat Germ Oil is part of the Root Cause Protocol by Morley Robbins, which seeks to address "the root cause" of health issues by rebalancing magnesium, copper and iron in the body.*

This supplement is also compatible with ancestral diets and protocols like keto and GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome), as we source the oil from the embryo of the wheat plant, not the grain.* That’s why you can even take it on gluten-free diets.

100 capsules (1-month supply)