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Turkey Tail Dual Extract

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Turkey Tail Extract - Wild-Harvested - Light Cellar


Dual-extract, made-in-house from wild mushrooms from interior forests of West Kootenays, BC.

60 ml & 120ml

Wild harvested turkey tail, ethanol and turkey tail tea.

Take 1-3 droppers daily 


Chinese legend is filled with stories of those who discovered this mushroom and became immortal.
One of the most well studied mushrooms in the world, Turkey Tail takes centre stage, demonstrating immune-modulating properties that help those who are healthy and assist those dealing with chronic disease. Associated with longevity, health, and spiritual attunement, the Turkey Tail mushroom is said to be beneficial for one's spirit and vital energy. Its scope of immune-enhancing properties includes its use to treat infections, inflammation, and general immune system weakness.

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