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Wild Winter Plants for Stress & Anxiety - March 8th

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Wild Winter Plants for Stress & Anxiety
with Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed
Sunday March 8th, 1:00 - 3:00pm

Join Medical Herbalist and Botanist Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed for an exploration into local in-season plant species that can help to reduce stress and anxiety. We will cover an introduction to the nervous system from the perspective of herbal medicine. We will look at specific plants that can reduce stress and anxiety, and related symptoms such as muscle tension. Learn how to identify, harvest, and prepare common wild plants for medicine. Learn how to live more in tune with the seasons and our local landscape.

Locally-harvested plant species for demonstration will be provided, as well as tinctures and teas for tasting. 


What Others Are Saying:


“Latifa has her degree in botany and a masters degree in herbology. Pretty much a walking textbook of native plants awesomeness. She also works with poisonous and toxic plants to extract the medicinal qualities. Very advanced plant work and I have never met someone with such a passion and understanding of the usages of plants”

- Travis Bower

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