Arriba Cacao Nibs
Arriba Cacao Nibs
Arriba Cacao Nibs

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Arriba Cacao Nibs

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Arriba Cacao Nibs


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Arriba Cacao Nibs: Unroasted, Heiroom Organic - Light Cellar


Our cacao is sourced from single-origin heirloom Arriba Criollo cacao beans. This cacao is grown at high-elevations in volcanic rich soil in Ecuador and watered with only rain or deep-mountain spring water. Cacao pods are hand-picked and undergo much of their process in situ - this includes the vital flavour development process of fermentation and the further sun-drying of the beans. Cacao nibs are simply de-husked beans that naturally break into pieces called nibs.


Add to elixirs, smoothies or trail mix or use in baking, chocolate making and desserts.


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