You are about to enter a world of healing, delightful, sacred and transformative beverages…
Elixirs pair modern nutrition with ancient herbal wisdom. When an Elixir is truly well made, it will enhance your state of mind and nourish you on a deep level. In addition to them tasting delicious, they will also provide essential nutrients and energy in an easy to absorb and balanced manner.
Welcome to the Light Cellar Elixir Bar!



About the Elixir Bar

We were the very first Elixir bar in Canada and have been serving up a wide variety of Elixirs at our bar since the early 2010's.
The menu has grown and evolved to include both hot and cold Elixirs as well as some nourishing superfood treats and snacks.
Everything is fresh, made in house, from scratch.



Our Elixir Recipes

After years of getting requests for the recipes, we put together the very first Elixir recipe book in print which you can find on the recipe book page of this website.
This book offers specific recipes and ideas, and, most importantly, empowers you, the elixir crafter, with concepts from which to launch personalized versions. The fun and freedom of being your own elixir crafter awaits you…
You can grab yourself a copy to make Elixirs at home today!