Perimenopause: Supporting Your Second Spring - May 19
Perimenopause: Supporting Your Second Spring - May 19
Perimenopause: Supporting Your Second Spring - May 19

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Perimenopause: Supporting Your Second Spring - May 19

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Perimenopause: Supporting Your Second Spring With Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Mindset
with Mandy Leblanc
Sunday, May 19th, 2024
10:30 - 12:30pm

Perimenopause is a stage of metamorphosis as we step into our deeply powerful Wise Woman years. As beautiful as this transition is, it can come with it’s share of challenges as hormones start to shift and decline.
If you are curious about strategies to help support you in your body, mind, and soul through these shifts, this workshop is for you!

We will focus on nutritional needs and strategies to support your changing body, lifestyle shifts that will help you thrive, and even explore how you can support your body and mind using EFT tapping, so you can embrace these changes feeling your best in all aspects of your health.

Recipes and samples include: hormone supporting elixir and brownie bites with perimenopause specific herbs. 

Register now as space is limited to maintain an intimacy of learning and connection among the group.

About the instructor:

Mandy is a Holistic Nutritionist, EFT practitioner, and Registered Massage Therapist that has been working in holistic health since 2002.  Her deep passion for empowering girls and women around the superpowers of their cycles is rooted in her own struggles with debilitating period pain, digestive troubles, and acne.  After trying basically everything that the conventional model had to offer, she went on her own journey to get to the root causes and heal these issues for good!  Mandy is also mom to a teenage daughter, so is passionate about helping this age group thrive through years that can be tough!  She lives, works, and plays in the mountains in Banff.