Skin Repair Moisturizer Salve

Product image 1Skin Repair Moisturizer Salve
Product image 2Skin Repair Moisturizer Salve
Product image 3Skin Repair Moisturizer Salve
Product image 4Skin Repair Moisturizer Salve
Product image 5Skin Repair Moisturizer Salve
Product image 6Skin Repair Moisturizer Salve

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Handcrafted & Organic this Skin Repair Salve will bring you instant moisturizing relief! Soothing for dry, rough, chapped, or sore skin. Especially on your hands.

This product contains Beeswax! 

A powerful high-quality ingredient that is an excellent moisturizer! 

How is beeswax a powerful moisturizer? 

It contains 3 secret benefits

1. Vitamin A rich, helping your skin to regenerate. 

2. Doesn't clog pores, super breathable. Helping to repair and promote healthy hydrated skin

3. The most important secret! It draws moisture from the air, and locks it in your skin. Creating a protective barrier.

A lot of lotions are water-based, which can actually be dehydrating for your skin. Just like how washing your hands can make them so dry.  

This is non-greasy. Super rich. You only need to use a small amount to get big relief. Which is why they come in these sizes.    

Use on hands, feet, body or face (away from eyes). For ages +3 years.


Contains: Calendula infused oil (grown organically in Ruby's garden), Plantain infused oil (yyc wildcrafted), Olive oil (certified organic), Farm fresh raw unfiltered Beeswax (local yyc beekeepers), and Pure Lavender Essential Oil (organically grown, chemical free).




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