Dandelion Root Chai Latte

Dandelion Root Chai Latte

Warm your heart and support your liver with a lovely herbal dandelion root chai!
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Dandelion Root Chai Latte

This recipe is inspired by Malcolm's take on combining dandelion root, chaga and chicory root with chai spices!

Hear how Malcolm has been enjoying dandelion root tea:

"I've been loving dandelion root tea lately and will often brew it with equal parts chaga pieces and chicory root for a nice strong earthy delicious tea. It can be consumed as is or then used as a base for chai in which you would add your spices like cardamom, star anise and vanilla and further brew OR strain and simply add our cordyceps chai powder along with desired sweetness and choice of creamer/milk."


Caffeine Free Spring Transition Drink

This is a great seasonal spring transition drink as it features dandelion root, chaga and chicory root offering liver support.

It's totally caffeine free, and is full of nurturing and warming spices, especially given that we are still in a melty and mucky Winter to Spring transition here in Calgary, and our insides could still use some warming up!


🫖 Recipe Inspo

This is a choose your own adventure recipe inspo, as there are a number of options to play around with for using dandelion root, chaga and chicory root as a black tea replacement to get a really nutritious and delicious chai.

Here are some ideas: 

💛 First simmer a large pot of equal parts of dandelion root, chicory root and chaga to use as a tea base (or any combo of these!) on the stove

🍄 For an easy and energizing option, once the base is done, mix in any of our pre-mixed mushroom chai creations like Cordyceps Chai Powder 

🦉 Or simply brew dandelion root with the Chaga Chai Blend from the get go (as it contains both chicory root and chaga in the blend already!)

🦊 Another option is to add to taste to your completed tea base warming chai spices like star anisecardamomcinnammongingerpepper, and vanilla 

🐆 Or just gather your favourite whole unpowdered chai spice herbs, some fresh ginger and simmer directly with dandelion root and chicory root from the get go - like I did!


🕯 Blend with coconut butter, milk or cream and sweeten to preference with honey or maple syrup for a delicious, warming and liver supporting drink! 






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