Alchemy, Herbology, Astrology: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times - May 19
Alchemy, Herbology, Astrology: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times - May 19

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Alchemy, Herbology, Astrology: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times - May 19

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Alchemy, Herbology, Astrology: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

with Brandon Warren

Sunday, May 19th, 2024

2:00 - 5:00 pm MST

In- Person or Online

It's time for ancient secrets to be revealed...

In this class you will learn about the ancient pearls of alchemy and how you can reconnect and cycle with nature. We will go over the 4 elements and how they transform into the 3 kingdoms of earth: plants, animals and minerals; plus how these kingdoms can be accessed in our lives for practical benefits.

We will also take an Astrological look and explore the 7 planets and their operations in transformation and their rulership on Earth.

In this session you will learn about all of the tools and equipment to build a basic alchemy laboratory and the operations needed to craft your own plant medicine in this way. Each day a new planet takes rule and in this class learn how to flow with the cycles of the planets to help balance the body and mind. The skills of nature that you leave with can help you in discovering and sharpening your own art and finding your ‘Great Work’. 

For this session you are invited to join live in-person or to tune in online. Every registrant will receive an email with details about the class closer to the date and each participant will be sent a recording of the session plus notes.


About the Presenter:

Brandon Warren - Local Herbalist, Hermetic Alchemist and Perfume Maker

Brandon has been a Local Herbalist and practicing Alchemist in Calgary for 5 years Working at Light Cellar Superfoods as an educator, and crafting Herbal Elixirs as well as leading the Fermentation team. He has traveled to Oregon and received training from “The School of Spagyric & Alchemical Arts” for Plant Spagyrics, Distillation and Healing with the Planets. His Love for Nature and Healing Expanded in 2019 when he went to France to learn more about the history and culture of Perfume and Essential oil making; Learning how to Blend and Craft perfume with Galimard Studio as well as working with local Artist and Perfume maker “AyinPerfumes”. In 2020 Brandon received his Diploma in Alchemy by completing the Alchemist Certification Program with the International Alchemy Guild; Allowing him to lecture, write, and produce Spagyric tinctures, oils, and elixirs. Brandon loves sharing and expanding his passions for  Foraging, Gardening, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Egyptian Primal Herbology, Caribbean Herbal Remedies, Astrology, Fermentation, and Wildcrafting; With his combined Certifications and knowledge Brandon hopes to inspire, empower and support others on their unique journey of healing and learning through nature.