Blue Lotus Mint Chip

Blue Lotus Mint Chip

Sip Your Way to Chill With this Creamy & Dreamy Calming June Elixir!

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The first iced elixir of the year is here - and it's definitely topping the charts as one of the most delicious elixirs we've made to date!

This elixir honestly tastes like a good mint chip ice cream - but without the unnatural sweeteners and questionable ingredients.

Instead, it's packed full of calming and supportive superfoods! 

Featured ingredients:

🧘‍♀️ Blue Lotus

In Buddhism and Hinduism, the blue lotus flower was traditionally used as an ally to help drop into meditation.

Blue lotus contains an active compound called apomorphine - which research demonstrates works on the dopamine and serotonin receptors.

This compound may partly be why Ancient Egyptians used blue lotus as a ritual plant, believing it to contain psychoactive properties!

🍄 Reishi
Traditional Chinese Medicine praises Reishi for its calming effects, reducing fatigue, aiding in detoxification and supporting memory.

🌱 Holy basil

Holy basil is considered to be an adaptogen that can support the body in managing all symptoms of stress - like fatigue, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, depression, and memory issues.

Studies have also shown that holy basil helps lower blood sugar.

🦋 Blue Butterfly Pea Flower

In the traditional Ayurvedic medicinal system, blue butterfly pea flower is used primarily to support neurological function in conditions like anxiety, depression and ADHD.

Blue butterfly pea flower is rich in acetylcholine - a neurotransmiiter that is crucial for brain and nervous system health.  

🍼 Colostrum

Rich in immunoglobulins that support the immune system, lactoferrin which can aid in iron absorption, and growth factors that support overall repair of tissues - colostrum offers so many benefits!

Studies show that colostrum also supports the repair of the mucosal barrier. 

🍫 Cacao Nibs 

Cacao nibs are undoubtedly the tastiest way to get a dose of feel good minerals in like magnesium, zinc, iron, phosphorus and copper!

🍃 Peppermint 
Naturally calming and cooling to the system, peppermint is considered to support mental alertness.
It's also a digestive aid, increasing blood flow to the stomach, and can support releasing stagnation in the G.I tract.

Pop by the store in June to try this absolutely divine elixir!


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