Candy Cane Mane White Hot Chocolate

Candy Cane Mane White Hot Chocolate

Unwrap the magic joy of Christmas with our December elixir of the month!

Unwrap Christmas Magic: Candy Cane Mane White Hot Chocolate - December's Elixir of Joy! 🍭☕️✨**

The air is filled with the enchantment of the season, and here at Light Cellar, we're thrilled to unveil our Christmas elixir of the month – the Candy Cane Mane White Hot Chocolate! 🎄☕️ Prepare yourself for a journey of flavor and well-being as we blend the finest ingredients to create a festive indulgence like no other.

Health Benefits with Every Sip:
🍄 Lion's Mane: Boost your cognitive function and embrace mental clarity with the power of Lion's Mane. This ancient medicinal mushroom is known for its brain-boosting properties, making your hot chocolate experience not only delicious but also beneficial for your mind.

🍄 Tremella: Reveal radiant, hydrated skin with the addition of Tremella, the beauty mushroom. This natural ingredient promotes skin elasticity and hydration, ensuring you glow from the inside out.

🍫 Cacao Butter: Indulge guilt-free with the velvety richness of Cacao Butter. Packed with antioxidants, it adds a decadent creaminess to your hot chocolate while delivering a dose of mood-boosting goodness.

🌿 Lucuma: Sweeten the deal naturally with Lucuma, a low-glycemic sweetener. It adds a hint of caramel-like sweetness without the guilt, making your festive treat a wholesome delight.

Crafted for Home Enjoyment:
Can't make it to our store? No worries! We've bottled up the magic for you to enjoy at home. Introducing our limited edition Candy Cane Mane White Hot Chocolate mix! 🎁✨

Key Ingredients:
 Beet Root Powder: Experience a burst of color and heart healthy nourishment from beet root powder, known for its vibrant hue and vitamin and mineral rich profile.
🌺 Hibiscus: Elevate the flavor profile with a touch of hibiscus, adding a hint of tartness and antioxidants to your homemade hot chocolate.

🌿 Chlorella: Boost your beverage with the detoxifying power of chlorella, a nutrient-rich algae that adds a touch of green goodness.

Unleash your inner barista and create a cozy haven at home with our Candy Cane Mane White Hot Chocolate mix. The joy of the season is just a sip away! 🌟🍭☕️

Don't forget to try our Candy Cane White Chocolate bar too!

Visit us in-store throughout December or grab your limited edition mix online to bring the spirit of the season into your home. Here's to festive sips and joyous moments! 🎉🍫❤️ 

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