Lavender Fog White Hot Chocolate

Lavender Fog White Hot Chocolate

Experience the blissful benefits of botanicals


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Spring is in the air as flower buds begin to bloom.

Inspired by this blissful season, we decided to craft a beautifying floral drink for our elixir of the month. 

Lavender Fog White Hot Chocolate

This delicate and warming periwinkle blue white hot chocolate blends two beautiful botanicals, Lavender and Blue Butterfly Pea Flower. 

  • Lavender is known for it's calming and relaxing properties for stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression. Did you know it also has digestive supporting properties? In this white hot chocolate, we're using our house made Lavender Hydrosol (Hydrosol is a liquid and oil extraction of a plant). Hydrosols can be used internally and externally! Lavender hydrosol specifically can be used in elixirs, cocktails, mocktails, smoothies, desserts, as a skin toner, as perfume, as a room spray etc. Learn more about hydrosols with our FREE Hydrosol course or read about them in our Hydrosols 101 blog post. 


  • Blue Butterfly Pea Flower is a beautiful flower that we source from Thailand. It is rich in anti-oxidants, it's anti-inflammatory and can be beneficial to boosting brain health, enhancing memory, improving eyesight as well as helping to balance blood sugar levels. It is also known for it's beautifying effects ranging from promoting healthy thick hair as well as promoting glowing skin. 

  • We've also added Tremella medicinal mushroom into this elixir for it's well known beautifying nature. Tremella enhances our skin's elasticity while helping to smooth and plump out wrinkles and fine lines. In terms of prevention, Tremella mushroom's powerful anti-oxidizing benefits help to prevent wrinkles and fine lines from forming! It also helps to replenish fluids in our bodies as well as reduce swelling, redness and alleviate congestion. 

This heavenly smooth botanical creation can be vegan or non-vegan by request! The non-vegan version is blended with our grassfed white chocolate and the vegan version is blended with cacao butter. We're also topping each white hot chocolate with a dried Blue Butterfly Pea flower! If you wanted to experience this drink cold, we recommend getting it over ice! 

We hope you get a chance to enjoy this Spring inspired elixir this month! Let us know if you notice the soothing and beautifying effects!  You can expect the recipe for this white hot chocolate at the end of the year as we combine all our elixirs of the month for our 2023 Elixir E-book!

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