May'd You Blush Strawberry Rose Elixir

May'd You Blush Strawberry Rose Elixir

Celebrating mothers this May in a tasteful way

It's May and that means it's time for our NEW elixir of the month!

This month's creation is inspired by mothers as May is the perfect time to celebrate all moms for mothers day!

May'd You Blush Elixir

Experience the beautiful blend of vitamin C rich strawberries, rose and white chocolate infused with superfoods like beautifying Pearl, liver supporting and heart nourishing Beetroot, brain boosting Lion's Mane and hormone balancing Shatavari.

  • Rose is known for it's delicate and soft flavor. It's also a symbol of love and beauty and we wanted to dedicate this flower to the mothers in our lives for being the beautiful and loving figures they are. What about the benefits of rose? Did you know rose is relaxing? It's also helpful for reducing anxiety, it's anti-oxidizing, mood balancing as well as hormone balancing! In this elixir, we're using Rose Hydrosol! A hydrosol is a liquid and oil extraction of a plant. Hydrosols can be used internally and externally! Rose hydrosol specifically can be used in elixirs, cocktails, mocktails, smoothies, desserts, as a skin toner, as perfume, as a room spray etc. Rose is particularly beneficial for locking moisture into the skin as well as reducing redness. Learn more about hydrosols with our FREE Hydrosol course or read about them in our Hydrosols 101 blog post. 

  • Pearl powder is wonderful for beautifying the skin as it helps to increase collagen and helps to lock more moisture into our skin. Pearl powder is also anti-inflammatory, relaxing, and can help to reduce anxiety and encourage sleep. 

  • Beet Root powder is a great superfood for this time of year as it's Liver season in Traditional Chinese Medicine and beets are fantastic at supporting the liver. Beets are also nourishing for the heart, it's anti-inflammatory and it's packed with minerals like iron, potassium, manganese and is a good source of vitamin C!

  • Lion's Mane is a powerhouse medicinal mushroom that is sought after for it's brain boosting properties. It can help to improve focus, protect against dementia, alleviate mild depression and anxiety, reduce inflammation, nourish the heart and so much more!

  • Shatavari is a root that boasts an impressive amount of benefits. Not only does it balance hormones, it's also anti-oxidizing, antiviral, immune stimulating, supports lactation and can help reduce menopause symptoms.

We hope you get a chance to stop by our Elixir Bar to enjoy this lovely new creation! It's also fantastic blended with ice or over ice! You can also expect the recipe for this elixir at the end of the year when we combine all our elixirs of the month for our 2023 Elixir E-book!

Don't forget that in honor of Mother's Day on Sunday, May 14th, 2023, all moms can try this elixir for free! We'll be open from 10am-6pm! Bring your mom down to try this beautiful botanical elixir on us!


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