Mushroom Coffee Alternative

Mushroom Coffee Alternative

Maintain energy without the caffeine crash
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We’ve been getting lots of questions lately as to whether we carry MUD WTR, a coffee alternative that encourages better health and performance for your morning ritual. Our response is, we have our own version and we like to call them Elixirs! Elevate your mood and morning with any of our elixirs that also work as a coffee alternative.

But first, what is an Elixir?

Let's look at an excerpt from The Elixir Life book written by Light Cellar owner and co-founder, Malcolm Saunders. 

"The idea of an Elixir, though ancient and mythical in origin, is finding new meaning and place in our modern world. Since it's first recorded use, the definition of Elixir has varied with the popular beliefs of the time. It's interesting to see how the word "elixir" acquired it's flavor.

In searching the various meanings of Elixir, through time you might find such definitions as:

  • a magical or medicinal potion
  • a preparation, sought by alchemists, that was supposedly able to change metals into gold 
  • a preparation purportedly able to prolong life indefinitely
  • a homemade elixir proclaiming to enhance virility
  • anything that purports to be a sovereign remedy; panacea
  • an underlying principle; quintessence
  • a liquid containing a medicinal drug with syrup or alcohol added to make its unpleasant taste 

The Light Cellar defines and Elixir as:

An alchemical vehicle for delivery of food and medicine.

In this context, making an Elixir is about intentional and intelligent nourishment. You become the alchemist, bringing life to the often used, but rarely practiced, phrase of Hippocrates; Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Malcolm Saunders 

Any of our non caffeinated elixirs at our Elixir Bar are a great way to jumpstart your day. Did you know that we opened Canada's first ever Elixir bar? We also pair our elixirs with a nourishing fat (coconut butter, cacao butter or ghee) to provide extra energy made to last throughout the day.

Check out Light Cellar owner and founder's Elixir Life book available as a physical and e-copy book. This recipe book contains sweet, savory and iced Elixir varieties!

If you can’t make it to our elixir bar, our Cordyceps chai blend is just as amazing! This caffeine free blend kickstarts your day with energizing Cordyceps medicinal mushroom and encourages optimal digestion with its warming ingredients like ginger and cinnamon. Cordyceps not only energizes without caffeine but it's also immune stimulating, heart health supporting and it can even improve athletic performance and balance blood sugar levels. 

We recommend blending this Elixir mix with any of your favorite milk options or our house made stoneground coconut butter! We make this heavenly smooth coconut butter by grinding coconut fine flakes for 7 whole days. There is no other ingredient we add and it makes any elixir creamy and delicious. 

Add to your favorite smoothie or spread over your breakfast items, or use as an alternative to milk by 1 tbsp or more per cup of water. Blend the same amount to any hot coffee or tea to make an instant latte. Add to soups and curries to replace all canned coconut milk.  

Can also be enjoyed right off the spoon!

If you wanted the coffee taste without the effects of Caffeine, we recommend adding liver supporting Dandy blend

If you wanted benefits of more mushrooms, we recommend our 7 mushroom blend that features Chaga, Reishi, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Maitake & Oyster mushroom for the ultimate well rounded medicinal mushroom blend.

Chaga mushroom benefits - Anti-oxidizing, anti-inflammatory, immune stimulating, may help with regulating blood sugar levels, helps you adapt to stress, help regulate cholesterol levels, etc. 

Reishi mushroom benefits - Has a relaxing effect, Helps you adapt to stress, can help lower symptoms of anxiety and depression, immune stimulating, heart health supporting, may help with regulating blood sugar levels, anti-oxidizing, etc. 

Lion's Mane mushroom benefits - Optimizes brain function, focus and memory, gut and microbiome health supporting, can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, etc. 

Cordyceps mushroom benefits - Helps you adapt top stress, energizing, may help to increase endurance, stamina and oxygen intake, aphrodisiac, etc.

Turkey Tail mushroom benefits - Powerfully immune stimulating, supports gut health, anti-oxidizing, may alleviate fatigue, may increase muscle strength, etc. 

Maitake mushroom benefits - May improve artery functionality for the overall benefit of cardiovascular health and heart health, may help regulate cholesterol levels, immune stimulating, may regulate blood sugar levels, etc. 

Oyster mushroom benefits - Immune stimulating, may regulate blood pressure, may regulate cholesterol levels, anti-inflammatory, hearth health supporting etc. 

Cordyceps Chai Blend reviews:


Thank you for reading through this article! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at the contact link below!

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Just purchased your 7 mushroom blend and cordyceps chai blend to add to my coffee latte in the morning. So far I am loving it. I also love the coconut butter right off the spoon. It’s the best smooth coconut flavor ever!
Thank you

Just purchased your 7 mushroom blend and cordyceps chai blend to add to my coffee latte in the morning. So far I am loving it. I also love the coconut butter right off the spoon. It’s the best smooth coconut flavor ever!
Thank you

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