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Have you met Angela?

You can find Angela helping out on the shop floor or making tinctures, salves and more herbal creations!

Here are some neat facts about Angela:

🌿 I am a Certified Holistic nutritional consultant, Mindfulness Practitioner and I study Herbal Nutrition
🌿 I am a mama of 2 beautiful teens
🌿 I am an author of a children’s book, Bob,The Apple (available for sale at the Light Cellar)
🌿 My wellness journey began In my 20s, when I got very sick and the only thing that helped was completely changing my diet and including natural remedies
🌿 My favourite healing modalities besides diet and herbs is nature. I regularly lead walking meditations
🌿 I also regularly teach classes at Light Cellar and as a instructor CSNN

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