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You can find Brittany on the shop floor helping answer customer questions while also serving nourishing elixirs, treats and food!

Neat Facts About Brittany

🌿 I have my own business (@blissfulwombcare ) where I support women with cycle awareness (menstrual & fertility) and I help women live more in alignment with their cycle
🌿 I’m a Yoga teacher who racked all styles of yoga and I also specialize in prenatal yoga & postpartum yoga
🌿 I’m passionate about women’s health
🌿 I love Bone Broth, Schizandra and Lion’s Mane Mushroom
🌿 I cured my chronic pain and migraines through holistic nutrition
🌿 I grew up on a farm with cows & horses
🌿 I was a legal assistant before embarking on my holistic health journey

Favourite Light Cellar Product

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