ELIXIR LIFE: Learn How to Craft Nourishing Herbal Beverages for Energy, Immunity, & Stress Relief

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ELIXIR LIFE: Learn How to Craft Nourishing Herbal Beverages for Energy, Immunity, & Stress Relief

with Malcolm Saunders

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Perfect for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike, during this class you will discover new recipe concepts and templates for crafting elixirs. As well as how you can easily upgrade the beverages you already make, like tea, coffee, and smoothies, into elevated Elixir for wonderful benefits.

If you would like to learn the ideas and techniques behind the Light Cellar elixir bar so you can create your own at home, then this is the class for you!

You will not only learn how to make superfood Elixirs, but gain insight into the philosophy behind them while building your understanding of superfoods, herbal medicine & medicinal mushrooms.

Recipes include an exploration of how to create warming, cooling, sweet, nourishing and savory drinks, with the goal of building your understanding and skills to craft up your own Elixirs anytime, to suit any mood.

Join Malcolm Saunders, Owner & Creative Visionary of the Light Cellar and author of the book Elixir Life, for the making and tasting of some delicious and nourishing Elixirs.
This event will help you incorporate more superfoods, herbs and medicinal mushrooms to bring greater energy and clarity to your day.

What Others Are Saying!

“I wanted to be able to recreate the elixirs at home and learn what the ingredients are and what pairs well together. I loved being able to sample the various elixirs and was super pleased with the class and what I learned.”

- Amber Rojas
“I was looking for healthier alternatives to coffee and dairy. I loved the samples and this workshop, like them all, was very interesting and informative - if not, life-changing!”

- Christina Masciangelo
“I absolutely loved taking the class and learning about tonic herbs”

- Kayla
“Informative, inspiring and well-delivered. Malcolm is a great presenter”

- Joslyn

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