We have been hand-crafting chocolate from scratch in small batches since 2004.


We are small-batch, bean to bar, craft chocolate maker using Ecuadorian Heirloom Arriba Nacional Cacao that we stone-grind in-house to produce superior and delicious Superfood chocolate to which we add medicinal mushrooms like Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps and Lions Mane.


Introducing our line of Superfood Chocolate...

Taste the delicious, creamy stone-ground heirloom chocolate, and experience the added benefits of medicinal mushrooms & superfoods.

Each of our five unique bars features Light Cellar medicinal mushrooms for added flavour and functional benefits. You can find these bars only in-store at our Bowness location, or through our online store.

If you liked our chocolate before you will love all the upgrades we’ve made to this brand new line, including:

  • Thinner bar for a better tasting melt-in your mouth chocolate experience
  • New & improved recipes that will have you saying YES!
  • Superfood upgrades including the world’s best medicinal mushroom extracts
  • Flavour & Tasting notes for each bar
  • Feelin’ notes - our take on just some of what the bar will offer you
  • New custom mould - featuring the beautiful Light Cellar leafy mandala
  • Bars that are easier to break, bite & enjoy
  • Better packaging, that is more eco-friendly and easier to open!

Every chocolate bar is made in small batches, stone ground in-house from unroasted heirloom Ecuadorian cacao resulting in a fruity, rich and creamy chocolate. 

There are three 74% dark, one 62% dark coconut milk and one 50% white chocolate for you to enjoy.


Chocolate with Benefits….

We are excited to be able to offer this line of chocolate that is not only delicious, but has many incredible health benefits.  Through this link to our online store you can find each bar along with a quick introduction to these medicinal mushrooms. It would be impossible for us to give you a list of all the benefits and studies on these amazing specimens without writing a book! However, we’ve compiled some of the top attributes of each mushroom below, and encourage you to explore the incredible research out there that has been on these superfoods, or come in to the Light Cellar and talk to our knowledgeable staff. One of our favourite books on the subject which we stock in the store is Edmonton based author Robert Rogers ‘the Fungal Pharmacy’.

And if you are inspired and want more mushrooms, not only in your chocolate, but coffee, elixirs and smoothies, we carry all the medicinal mushrooms and mushroom blends in store and online, so you can easily add them into your daily routine.