Our ferments are only ever made by hand from scratch with seasonal, high-quality locally grown organic and biodynamic produce, and is cultured to contain living, beneficial, symbiotic, probiotic organisms and is never pasteurized.

We produce an ever-changing variety of lacto-fermented foods including sauerkraut, pickles, hot sauce as well as the probiotic brine.

Some of our top-sellers are Dill-licious, Plain & Simple, Pickled beets, Kvass, Sea Veg, and Curry.

We are unable to ship our ferments in the warmer months and must be purchased in-store. We also do not wholesale or have other distributors. To maintain the high quality, our ferments can only be purchased directly from us.

You can take them home by the jar or enjoy at our Elixir bar as a Sauerkraut snack.


Enjoy our ferments at the Elixir bar as a sauerkraut snack


Probiotic Brine - Great for drinking, gargling, salad dressings and more!

Check out our video on the Light Cellar YouTube channel as we share with you the benefits and uses of the probiotic brine.