Black Botija Olives

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 Black Botija Olives

Botija’s are an heirloom Peruvian variety of large, plum-like olives. Picked ripe and Lacto-fermented with sea salt and water to produce a meaty and robustly flavoured olive with little bitterness.

Perfect for snacking or added to savory dishes and picnics. Store tightly sealed to ensure plumpness.

Enjoy from the three varieties that we offer.

Plain Black Botija Olives: Organic - Light Cellar 

Herbed Bojita Olives: Heirloom, Organic - Light Cellar

 Ingredients: Botija Pitted Olives, Laurel, Tarragon, Oregano, Thyme.

Aji Spiced Bojita Olives: Heirloom, Organic - Light Cellar 

Ingredients: Botija Pitted Olives, a red & black mix, cured, dehydrated, and spiced with aji pepper powder. 

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