Chaga Hot Chocolate Elixir Mix - 454g

Product image 1Chaga Hot Chocolate Elixir Mix - 454g
Product image 2Chaga Hot Chocolate Elixir Mix - 454g
Product image 3Chaga Hot Chocolate Elixir Mix - 454g

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Ultra-upgraded hot chocolate that is dark, rich, and made with our signature heirloom Ecuadorian cacao and dual extracted Chaga. This Chaga Hot Chocolate is a Light Cellar favorite we have served for years at our Elixir bar. Now have in an easy-to-use premix so you can now craft your own at home.
Simply add 3 Tbsp to a base of 8-12oz of hot Chaga tea, hot water, or your choice of warm milk, add sweetener if desired.
Blend and enjoy!
Creates 13 servings


WARNING* Product could melt in shipping It is made with Cacao Butter and Paste, which will melt in warm temperatures. Recommended local pick-up or Local Delivery only!

*Cacao Paste, *Cacao Butter, *Lucuma, *Chaga Mushroom Extract

*Organic Ingredients 

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