Chocolate Life: the Alchemy of Cacao for Flavour, Function & Feeling
Chocolate Life: the Alchemy of Cacao for Flavour, Function & Feeling

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Chocolate Life: the Alchemy of Cacao for Flavour, Function & Feeling

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Chocolate Life: the Alchemy of Cacao for Flavour, Function & Feeling

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Get ready for the good news about chocolate. 

You can upgrade your health in fun and easy ways through chocolate.

Discover a simple process for making your very own nourishing hand-made, home-made chocolate.

This book blends timeless wisdom with modern science in one easy yet comprehensive read. Chocolate Life offers everything you need to know to make delicious and healthy chocolate.

Within the beautiful pages of Chocolate Life you will discover how to create the healthiest, tastiest, and most enjoyable chocolate you and your family and friends have ever had.

Get ready to upgrade your health and your chocolate.

Welcome to Chocolate Life!

The brand new book from Light Cellar owner Malcolm Saunders that invites you to think differently about chocolate, and will expand your perceptions about cacao and empowers you to be your own chocolate maker.

In this 113 page, full color, locally printed book, you will receive 37 recipes and learn countless variations so that you can bring more fun, nourishment and creativity to your kitchen...


"Chocolate Life invites you to dive deep into the story of chocolate, and Malcolm Saunders is your master storyteller."

- Luka Symons, , C.H.N.C., & Author of Histamine Haven



This book is for you - the one who loves chocolate and yearns to take your relationship and connection to it, deeper into the mystery and pleasure of all that it is. To make it, taste it, share it, and love it.


Praise for Chocolate Life

What others are saying:

"The broad experience that Malcolm Saunders has with chocolate spills out on these pages like chocolate sauce on dessert or mole on an enchilada or cacao nibs on coconut ice cream. Malcolm understands this delicious subject from the cacao (chocolate) tree and its prized cacao beans all the way to nearly every type of chocolate drink, concoction, and dish imaginable. Who is most qualified to write about the Chocolate Life and fill us with the delight of every conceivable chocolate recipe type and category? Malcolm Saunders! Bright, rich, entertaining, and nourishing... these pages of the chocolate liLife are an exquisite outtake of The Best Day Ever!!"

- David Avocado Wolfe, organic cacao farmer, chocolatier, horticulturist, nutritionist and author.

Chocolate Life invites you to dive deep into the story of chocolate, and Malcolm Saunders is your master storyteller. This book serves as an initiation into the way food and chocolate can help you bring yourself back to the wonders of Nature. Malcolm shares his love of the humble cacao bean, and takes us through all of the steps the bean goes through before reaching the melting point on your tongue. The mouth-watering recipes set the stage for you to play with your food, encouraging you to develop your own kitchen delights, entirely led by your taste buds and your imagination. Whether you are the person who sneakily eats your kid's Halloween stash, loves to indulge in a sweet treat every now and then, or are well versed in creating your own masterpieces in the kitchen, you're sure to find deeply gratifying inspiration in this book.

  • Luka Symons, C.H.N.C., author of Histamine Haven

Sitting with this book felt just like sitting with Malcolm himself: Accessible and approachable, humble and humorous! I can say that he has been one of the people who taught me, a neuroscientist skilled in studying things in isolation, about the magic of synergy. I met him shortly after I became certified in holistic nutrition, in my quest to go beyond the Band-Aid for brain and mental health, and witnessed firsthand that the sum of his chocolates and elixirs was greater, something just more, than it parts.

This book will simultaneously give you a taste of the science and introduce you to (or expand your understanding of) the art of elevating comfort food desserts with homemade, whole food chocolate and superfoods. I’m a big believer that eating for brain and mental health can and should be anything but boring - and the recipes in Chocolate Life do not disappoint!

  • Orsha Magyar, MSc, CHN, Founder & CEO of NeuroTrition Inc.

I was so enthralled I read the book cover to cover including all the recipes in one sitting!  Malcolm’s ‘Chocolate Life’ and his life of chocolate takes you on an intimate journey with his stories, knowledge, and expertise; he is a true alchemist and chocolate maker. This book captures the essence of the magic of sacred cacao; thank you for including the Cacao Ceremony!  I am excited to share it with my health coaching tribe!

  • Heather Driedger, Certified Licensed Health Coach, Author ‘Living Joy – Empowering Ways to Reduce and Manage Stress’

I remember the first time I held a fresh cacao pod in my hand in Hawaii... cracking it open, tasting the fresh beans, learning about the amazing process it goes through to become chocolate - It was a spiritual experience! I wanted EVERYONE to have that feeling... As someone who often indulges in Malcolm's delicious chocolates, I am so thrilled that he is sharing his knowledge about this sacred plant in this accessible, informative, fun, delicious book!

  • Roni Zaide, author of Roni’s Kitchen