Essentials of Nourishing & Supporting Mothers
Essentials of Nourishing & Supporting Mothers

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Essentials of Nourishing & Supporting Mothers

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Essentials of Nourishing & Supporting Mothers

with Brittany Zeer
Online Recorded Workshop

An introduction to the 5 Essentials of Postpartum Care to support yourself and the mothers in your community to reclaim vitality and align with a thriving life.

We all come from a mother, so this is a class for EVERYONE, not just mothers or expecting mothers-to-be.  Mothers are the center of the family, and therefore the community, however their care and tending usually come last. 
This is a class to honor and center mothers in gratitude for all they do.

There are time-tested cross-cultural postpartum care traditions that have been forgotten in our Western culture, that not only support a new mother in the tender postpartum time but are also a map to healing and thriving life in general.  It's never too late to integrate some simple, tangible care practices to reclaim health and vitality, not just in the immediate postpartum time, but for life.

Includes samples of a superfood-infused Bone Broth, a delicious and deeply nourishing tea, and resources to support you in integrating what you learn into your life and community.

You are welcome to join in-person or online.
All registrants will receive a recording of the session afterward.

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