Golden Milk Blend

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Golden Milk Blend

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Golden Milk Blend


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Golden Milk Blend - Made In House - 150g

Introducing our Golden Milk Elixir: A Delightful Blend of Nourishment and Wellness in a Single Sip. This enchanting elixir is carefully crafted to invigorate your digestive system, boost energy levels, and promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle. With its rich combination of powerful ingredients, our Golden Milk Elixir is a treasure trove of benefits.

Turmeric, the star ingredient, boasts anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe discomfort and promote overall well-being. Enhancing the blend, a harmonious medley of aromatic spices and herbs work in synergy to provide a delightful flavor and stimulate digestion. To top it off, our elixir is infused with electrolytes to replenish vital nutrients and keep you feeling refreshed throughout the day. Savor the golden goodness and unlock a world of vitality with our Golden Milk Elixir.

Ingredients: *Turmeric Powder, *Coconut Cream Powder, *Ginger, *Date Sugar, *Black Pepper, *Cordyceps, *Cardamom, *Ashwagandha, Electrolyte Salt. *Organic 

Directions: Warm 1-2 TBSP with 1 cup of hot milk, water or a milk substitute. Blend and enjoy. 



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