Holy Basil (Rama) Tincture
Holy Basil (Rama) Tincture

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Holy Basil (Rama) Tincture

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Holy Basil (Rama) Tincture


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Holy Basil- Rama

Ocimum tenuiflorum


This Rama variety of Holy Basil was Biodynamically grown in Ontario, Biodynamic farming focuses on naturally farming the soil, to "restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony". Considered sacred by the Hindu culture and heralded by Ayurvedic medicine to help counter life's stresses, boost the brain, and balance the chakras. 

It can be taken in water, juice, or squirted into herbal teas. 1-3 full dropper x2 daily.

Not for use in pregnancy, or if taking blood thinners.

Rama (Ocimum tenuiflorum) is known for its cooling and mellow flavor. The plant has green leaves, white-to-purplish blossoms, and a green or purplish stem. It is cultivated in the Indian plains, as well as private homes and gardens around India.


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