Medicinal Mushroom Symposium x 3: 2021, 2022, 2023
Medicinal Mushroom Symposium x 3: 2021, 2022, 2023
Medicinal Mushroom Symposium x 3: 2021, 2022, 2023
Medicinal Mushroom Symposium x 3: 2021, 2022, 2023

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Medicinal Mushroom Symposium x 3: 2021, 2022, 2023

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The Complete Medicinal Mushroom Symposium
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Get All 3 Years: 2021, 2022, 2023


Take your medicinal mushroom knowledge to whole new levels with the complete set of deep dive teachings.

We are now offering all of our medicinal mushroom symposium recordings from 2021, 2022, and 2023 in 1 package.

That's content from

3 Years

24 Experts

38 Sessions

and over 40hours of educational and inspiring videos complete with pdf downloads and resources.

See full list of presenters and topics below.




11 Sessions from 2021 


Session 1:

Medicinal Mushrooms: The Human Clinical Trials with Robert Rogers author of the Fungal Pharmacy


Session 2:

Wild Medicinal Mushrooms with David Avocado Wolfe


Session 3:

Medicinal Mushroom Communication with Humans with Terry Willard Cl.H., Ph.D.


Session 4:

Herbal Perspectives on Medicinal Mushrooms: Integrating the Six Flavours, Herbal Energetics and the Doctrine of Signatures with Patrick Kooyman of Blue Lotus Ethnobotanicals


Session 5:

Mycelial Consciousness with Yarrow Willard Cl.H.


Session 6:

‘Medicinal Mushrooms You’ve Never Heard of’ with Derek Fleming M.H.

Session 7:

Integrative Approaches to Mental Health: Improving Mood & Focus with Microdosing with Jeff McKay and Andrea Fleck of NeuroGrowth


Session 8:

Wild Mushrooms: More than Medicine with Eric Whitehead of Untamed Feast

Session 9:

An Introduction to Growing Medicinal Mushrooms at Home with Tara Stephens of Fungi Akuafo 

Session 10:

Foraging for Wild Medicinal Mushrooms with Denis Manzer of Forage Your Food

Session 11:

Going Gourmet: Making Medicinal Mushrooms Culinary with Malcolm Saunders of Light Cellar

15 Sessions from 2022


Session 1

Yarrow Willard - Opening Keynote "Myco-Medicinals"

Session 2

Denis Manzer - "Bread & Beer: Civilization & The Domestication of the "Fungi "Known As Yeast"

Session 3

Martin Osis - "Pharmacologically Active Mushroom Constituents Across The Fungi Kingdom"

Session 4

Simon Muscaria - "Fungi As The Language of Nature: A Photographic Journey"

Session 5

Patrick Kooyman - "Mushroom Toxins: Poisoning and Remedies"

Session 6

lan Rockefeller - "Fungal Photography: Take Expert Mushroom Photos"

Session 7

Jasper Degenaars - "Ethnomycology: Historical use of Medicinal Fungi"

Session 8

Tony Shields - "The 7 Basic Steps Of Mushroom Cultivation"

Session 9

Dr. Rob Silver DVM -"Medicinal Mushrooms for Pets"

Session 10

Malcolm Saunders - "Going Gourmet: Making Medicinal Mushrooms Culinary - NEW"

Session 11

Robert Rogers - "The Past, Present and Future of Psilocybin Mushrooms"

Session 12

Tony Oakworth - "Mycelial Mind: Psilocybin as a Gateway to Fungiphillia"

Session 13

Jennifer Dou -"Taoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Mushrooms within Asian Culture"

Session 14

Amanita Dreamer - "Amanita Muscaria: The Magical Medicinal Power Mushroom


Session 15

The Healing Powers of Medicinal Mushrooms with Denis Manzer and Malcolm Saunders


12 Sessions from 2023

Session 1:

“Wild Medicinal Mushrooms of North America” 

- Denis Manzer - Boreal Bound & Forage Your Food

Session 2:

“Reishi Relations - A Ganoderma Deep Dive” 

- Yarrow Willard - Harmonic Arts & Wild Rose College of Herbalism


Session 3:

“Bio-molecular Mycology: The Art of Extracting Wild Mushrooms from Around the World”  

- Simon Muscaria - Soma Mushrooms Inc & Wild Mushroom Alliance


Session 4:

“Dimensions of Healing: Comparing and Contrasting the Micro and the Macro Dose with Psilocybin”

-Tony Oakworth - Mycelial Mind & Pacific Rim College Of Herbalism


Session 5:

"Culinary Cures – Medicinal Mushrooms IN food as Medicine”

- Derek Fleming, Master Herbalist - New Earth Organics


Session 6:

"A Day in the Life of a Mushroom Forager: Boreal Edition"

-Alex Whelan - Boreal Bound Botanicals


Session 7:

“Mushroom Medicine: The Future of Functional Fungi”

-Robert Rogers - Author of "The Fungal Pharmacy" and 61 other books


Session 8:

“Mushrooms For Memory: Lion’s Mane and Beyond”

-Denis Manzer  - Forage Your Food


Session 9:

“Macro-Fungi to Micro-Fungi: Gourmet Whole Fungi Cookery”

`Chef Alexander Hamilton, Light Cellar Superfoods


Session 10:

“Truffle Mushroom: Magic, Folklore & Gastronomy”

` w/ Shadi Ramey, Myco Chef & Cultural Mycologist



The Royal Family of Medicinal Mushrooms with Denis Manzer and Malcolm Saunders

3 Key Factors of Quality with Medicinal Mushroom Supplements with Yarrow Willard



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