Schizandra Berry Tincture
Schizandra Berry Tincture
Schizandra Berry Tincture

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Schizandra Berry Tincture

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Schizandra Berry Tincture


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Schizandra Berry Tincture
Schisandra chinensis
Made In House from freeze-dried schizandra berries that were organically grown in the USA.

Considered a herb in Chinese medicine in the same class as Goji, Reishi and Ginseng, Schizandra has been used for thousands of years. In Chinese, it is called Wu Wei Zi, meaning "five flavours fruit" referring to the unique flavour profile of this berry - sour, salty, bitter, sweet and spicy.It is well known for its beautifying properties and in Chinese folklore is said to "calm the heart and quiet the spirit”.

The base of this tincture is the very special high-quality schizandra which has been organically grown in the USA and is carefully freeze-dried to maintain optimal quality.

5 lbs of fresh berries go into creating 1 lb of dried powder. We then extract this in-house to create an easy to take, potent tincture for you to enjoy.

Add this tincture to water, Lemonades, smoothies or straight into the mouth.
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