the Herbalists Guide to Fermentation with Malcolm Saunders

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the Herbalists Guide to Fermentation with Malcolm Saunders

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the Herbalists Guide to Fermentation: Learn How to Ferment Your Own Food & Use It As A Delivery System for Herbal Medicine
with Malcolm Saunders
In this course you are going to learn how to use various methods of fermentation as a delivery system for herbs.
Tea's, tincture's and salves are great, but did you know that fermented foods are a fantastic delivery system for herbs!
Whether preserving your harvest or ensuring compliance, here is yet another way for you and your clients to work with herbs that have the added and synergistic effect and benefit of probiotics.
In this 4 part series, you will learn how to safely and effectively ferment your own food and medicine.
Each session we will cover off the key principles related to a variety of methods of fermentation, and talk about its benefits as well as applications from a herbalists perspective.
You will receive a pdf handout with recipes to follow along.
The course is designed to provide you with not only specific recipes but more importantly templates and processes you can follow to ferment a wide spectrum of foods and drinks which you can incorporate in herbs specific to your interests.

Part 1: Herbal Sauerkraut, Pickles & Hot Sauce
Part 2: Herbal Probiotic Sodas - Made from Roots, Fruits & Barks
Part 3: Herbal Vinegar - Made from scratch and utilize for infusions
Part 4: Healing Herbal Honey Wine - Sacred, Herbal & Healing Beverages

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About the Instructor:
There is a specific process to create safe and healthy fermented foods and Malcolm Saunders has been sharing these methods with audiences throughout Western Canada for close to 15 years.
He is the owner and creative visionary of the Light Cellar, a specialty superfood shoppe and learning kitchen in Calgary.
Through his teachings Malcolm provides insight into a variety of topics that range from fermentation to elixirs, providing the insight, inspiration, and confidence for your own health journey.
Malcolm has a way of presenting that is accessible to all, mixing how-to information along with personal, historical and scientific references that support a deeper understanding of food and nutrition.
You can find his work through and social media channels.