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the Pine Protector - Pine Needle Hydrosol

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Wild-Crafted, House-Made Pine Needle Hydrosol

Lodgepole pine hydrosol is a wonderful tonic and immune system stimulant as well as helps improves stamina. Pine hydrosol has been used as a mild antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, and decongestant. Can be used internally or externally.

Hydrosols are produced by distilling fresh plant materials into therapeutic and aromatic waters. This product has a woodsy, sweet aroma with notes of lime citrus.

During the distillation, we do not separate the essential oils from the final product, so our hydrosol contains the full potency of the plant and is extremely concentrated and aromatic.


All of our hydrosols are true hydrosols that result from the long and slow traditional distillation process using an alembic copper distiller from Portugal that is lead-free.

Use topically to tighten and tone skin, muscular, joint, and tissue pain.

Spray to freshen up a room. Use in baths, saunas, and humidifiers.

Internally: Enjoy by the drop and/or use 1 tsp - 1 Tbsp per serving.

Add to teas, Elixirs, smoothies, or juice.

Do not use if pregnant or wanting to conceive.





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