Wild Nettle 30g

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Stinging nettle is a highly nutritive, vitamin and mineral rich tea with a long history of use for medicinal and culinary purposes. Nutrients in stinging nettles are known to support healthy skin and hair and ease seasonal allergies while its diuretic properties may support healthy kidney and bladder function. Nettles are used fresh or dry in the traditional Greek diet as a tea as well as a wild edible green.


Wild-harvested and handpicked on Mount Olympus. Earthy, rich flavour.


Use 1 tablespoon of dried herbs per cup of water. Pour boiling water over herbs and steep, covered for at least 20 minutes, or let sit up to 4 hours to create a nourishing herbal infusion. Strain, and enjoy. (Refrigerate and reheat infusion when ready to consume)


Dried nettles can also be added as an edible wild green to food for extra nutrients and depth of flavour. Traditionally added to spinach dishes like spanakopita and spanakorizo or as an addition to nourishing soups.

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