3 ways to enjoy our Coconut Butter

3 ways to enjoy our Coconut Butter

Get NUTS over our luscious Stoneground Coconut Butter!
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💕 Loving our Stoneground Coconut ButterHere are some reasons to go NUTS over our luscious Stoneground Coconut Butter:

🍄 Make an extra cozy and creamy cup of chaga chai with a scoop of stoneground coconut butter:

  1. Take 1 mugs worth of steeped chaga chai 
  2. Blend with 1 tbsp of coconut butter 
  3. Sweeten to taste (make this bev a winter wellness triple threat by mixing it with our immune boosting propolis honey)  

❤️‍🔥 **Hot tip - the elixir bar uses coconut butter for a number of nourishing reasons, but as an added bonus, it helps beverages retain heat better than other creamy milks or mediums would, making this the perfect addition to hot beverages you plan to take on wintery outdoors adventures or to chilly arenas**

 🌴Not only is coconut butter nutrient dense and rich in bioavailable minerals like magnesium and potassium, it’s also full of anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, thanks to its high content of metabolism boosting and easily digestible medium chain fatty acids such as lauric acid,  stearic acid and palmitic acid, which studies demonstrate contribute to its powerful immune boosting properties. 

🥥 Keep your fridge stocked with your own nutrient rich and filler free coconut cream in a pinch, by blending one part of our coconut butter to one part water (season with your favourite salt and vanilla for extra deliciousness). Use liberally in coffee, tea, oatmeal, curries and soups - and anything else you want to bring some creamy goodness too!

🍯 Is anything as simple yet decadent as a thick spread of our silky smooth coconut butter on your favourite sourdough toast, drizzled with some luscious wildflower honey? We think not.. 

🥘 Want a piping hot nourishing dinner? How about butter chicken, but why not make it a Coconut Butter Chicken, made with your own luxe and clean coconut milk sans the hormone disrupting agents, by mixing 3 tbsp of coconut butter with 1 cup of water (or 5 parts coconut butter to 1 part water). 

Happy Coconutting! 

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