Fall In Love With Adoptogenic Chocolate

Fall In Love With Adoptogenic Chocolate

Swoon over our Valentine inspired nourishing chocolate offerings!
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Swoon over our Valentine inspired nourishing chocolate offerings!

Rhod(iola) To Romance Hot Chocolate Blend 

Crystal, hot chocolate mix and a cup of hot chocolate on a wooden board with rose petals

This dreamy hot chocolate blend is crafted with a beautiful local Albertan grown and sourced adaptogen - rhodioloa. 

This powerful adaptogen is touted for its ability to reduce stress, provide energy, improve concentration and uplift your mood. 

This dreamy and creamy cacao features some magical ingredients including rich cacao butter, cacao paste and coconut cream powder lending you nourishing fats.

And with an added bonus of strawberry powder rich in Vitamin C and  beet powder high in micronutrients and anti-oxidants like betalain, this drink supports the reduction of inflammation and oxidative stress. Hibiscus is also rich in anti-oxidants and may support the liver. And lastly there is tasty cinnamon, another powerful antioxidant known for its blood sugar balancing properties. 

Our preferred way of drinking Rhod(iola) to Romance is with 1 scoop of coconut butter, 1 tablespoon of honey, a full cup of boiled water, and 2 scoops of the blend

Chef Alex says “It’s like a Valentine’s Day card in a hot chocolate!” 

Strawberries And Cream 

Let the Strawberries and Cream chocolate bar enchant your body and mind!

The base is made from nutrient rich grassfed milk and probiotic yogurt, making it a great source of often difficult to get Vitamin K2. 

It also include’s lion mane, a powerful adaptogenic medicinal mushroom and nootropic, which may improve concentration, boost the immune system, and support regeneration of nerve cells.

And of course, it includes incredibly tasty dried strawberries, which provide an extra boost of vitamin C.

Roses and Romance

Chocolate bars on a plate with rose petals and dried strawberries

This absolutely decadent chocolate bar, is filled with a creamy cashew ganache centre, and flavoured with heart-opening rose. 

Rose is incredibly rich in Vitamin C, and has stress relieving and mood boosting properties, helping you tune into your heart space and feel the love.

It also features adaptogenic cordyceps, a medicinal mushroom that may improve stamina, regulate cholesterol and triglyceride levels - all the more reasons to fall in love with this chocolate. 


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