Cosmic Creamsicle

Cosmic Creamsicle

🦋 Activate the Spirit of Spring Within You With Our Spirit Boosting April Elixir!

✨ Support Your Mind and Body Through the Seasonal Shift

This absolutely delicious mood and spirit elevating elixir, is the perfect treat to support our minds and bodies as we transition through the spring thaw!

It can be a somewhat blah time of the year, as we are keen to leave behind the winter chill and dull colours, and embrace the warmth and blossoming magic of spring... but as we know here in Calgary, spring likes to take her sweet little time!
In the meantime, you can still invite the cosmic vibrancy and energy of spring into your mind and body, with this perfectly tart and tangeriney, yet sweet and creamy elixir!

💖 What to Love about the Feature Ingredients:

🌞 Inner Sunshine - This delicious in house tincture includes mucuna, saffron, and St. John's Wort - superfoods that ignite the ultimate spirit and mood boost 
🕊 Ashwagandha - Combats stress 
🍄 Reishi - Calms the spirit
🍼 Colostrum - Gut protective and immune boosting
🔸 Seabuckthorn - Rich in antioxidants known to support glowing skin
🍊Tangerine essential oil - Invigorating, mood elevating and delicious
🐝 Bee pollen - Packed with nervous system supporting B vitamins

Come by the shop during April and treat yourself to this cosmic delight!

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