Filtered Water Refills by donation

Filtered Water Refills by donation

What makes our filtered vortexed water so special?
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Did you know we offer filtered water refills by donation? 

If you can’t make a trip to the mountains for spring water, visit us at Light Cellar to fill up on filtered and vortexed water!

Tour our store virtually to find out where the water filling station is!

What makes our water different? Our water here at Light Cellar is filtered through a granulated activated carbon filter from Northern Water Cleaners. This filter system has been dated back to being used in ancient times! There is a record of it being used in 450 BC to be exact! This filter removes chlorine, lead, cadmium, aluminum, zinc, arsenic, mercury, manganese, nickel, silver, sewerage, organic material, pharmaceuticals as well as pesticides and herbicides etc. but at the same time, it leaves all the healthy minerals and nutrients that we need everyday. There's also an Iodinator used in the filtering process that was developed to kill bacteria that have become immune to chlorine and chloramine.

Picture credits to Northern Water Cleaners

The next stage in our water process involves “vortexing” the water through a spiral copper pipe to re-invigorate water. This process mimics the flow and motion of water in nature and results in a energetic revitalization. In cities we are used to our water flowing through straight line pipes but here at Light Cellar, movement is infused back into the water to make it "alive" again. 

 We are currently trialing a water refill by donation experiment.  Come by to refill a little or a lot of  water any time! Bring your own bottles, carboys or we have glass growlers for purchase here in store. We are open from 10am-7pm on Weekdays and 10am-6pm on weekends and our filling station is located at the back door behind our Elixir Bar. Your donation can be dropped into a box as you fill up or added to your total at the till.

Come by for a taste and let us know what you think!


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